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Aromatherapy- and Ayurveda Seminar

from May 27th to June 05, 2020

10 days Congress Seminar in High Provence / France

  • Excursions into the amazing world of medicinal plants of Provence

  • Knowledge on and experience with the Essential Oils of South of France and India

  • Introduction to a holistic understanding of the biochemistry of essential oils

  • Striking testimonials and research on essential oils

  • The Yoga of Herbs – getting nearer to the Plant Kingdom

  • Ayurveda – historic background and branches

  • Essential oils for balancing the doshas

  • Short introduction to Ayurvedic self-pulse reading

  • Knowledge and possible treatments with Marma Therapy (Ayurveda energy medicine)

  • Understanding disease in its psycho-spiritual meaning

  • Aromatherapy approaches to problems of Insomnia – Depression – Parkinson – Epilepsy – Alzheimer – ADHD - Cancer –Trauma etc.

  • Anti-microbial effects of Aromatherapy

  • Clinical experiences of Essential oils in hospitals in Spain

Special Treatment For Participants

Participants will be offered a short experience of Marma Therapy as part of the course. A full back and face treatment will be available on demand. We offer also to everyone a pulse diagnosis by Dr. Abilash Anand, Ayurvedic Vaidya and expert on pulse reading at our Ayurveda Center in South India (Maitreyi).


The price for the 10 day course including all meals and lodging is:

  • 1900 Euros / person for double room

  • 2400 Euros / person for single room ( very limited, first come first serve basis)

The Oshadhi Seminar Center “Orto de Prouvènço“

Founded by Dr. Malte Hozzel in the early 1990s, the aromatherapy and seminar center, ORTO DE PROUVÈNÇO, sits on a 60 hectare property in the UNESCO Mount Ventoux Natural Park in the High Provence, France. 

The seminar center is located about an hour east of Avignon, between blue lavender fields and towering cypress trees, near the picturesque village of Aurel.

Two building complexes in typical Provençal style rise upon the mountains and invite you to learn, enjoy and relax. Amongst the deep silence of the atmosphere, 20 spacious guest rooms, a dining room, library with seminar room, large lounge with adjoining terrace and refreshing pool allow you to get away from what is and experience what can be... and to top it all off, there’s an exquisite range of regional specialties and Ayurvedic cuisine – all in organic quality to inspire your senses to come back and experience a piece of heaven on earth. 

The Teachers


Dr. Malte Hozzel is the founder of the Oshadhi line of
aromatherapy products and an international lecturer on natural therapies with essential oils. He participates since many years in a number of humanitarian projects which have the mission to raise the level of individual and collective consciousness in the world. 

Dr. Jamal Chahboun is the CEO of PHYTOTAGANTE a France based company specialized in the extraction and distillation of fragrant plants. He is also a teacher and research scientist at the University of Perpignan and is an expert in the quality research on vegetable raw materials.


Melani Kovac has devoted her last 10 years solely to promoting and teaching aromatherapy. She founded „Aromainstitut“ to organize and support different aromatherapy projects and has created a global online platform for all essential oil users and sellers - “Dropsmith“.

Jonathan Hinde is the owner of Oshadhi U.K. and has been practising Maharishi Marma Therapy for six years. He is also a qualified aromatherapist, and certified teacher of
Transcendental Meditation.


Jody Elleaume, is Director of Myrtea – Oshadhi France and creator of Myrtea formations – a natural care training center for health and wellness professionals. He immersed in the world of essential oils from early age and is a graduate in herbal medicine by ELPM.

Dr. Abilash Anand is an Ayurvedic Doctor and Vaidya practising in Maitreyi, The Vedic Village in South India since 2009. He also studied western psychology and has gained immense respect amongst his patients from all over the world.


Carla Vescovi is a renowned aromatherapist from Brazil and director of the AROMALUZ aromatherapy school in Campinas. As a therapist she focuses on people who have experienced trauma, violence or addiction and is working with children and adult victims of abuse.

Eva Bouzas is an aromatherapist and Director of Oshadhi in Spain. Since 5 years she teaches aromatherapy at the University of Saint George in Zaragoza and in international seminars. She is a trained expert in Ayurvedic Marma-Therapy.

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